Over 20 speakers divided in 3 tracks;
web strategy, design and development
Enjoy social activities and networking possibilities

Jina Bolton, Paul Boag, Elliot Jay Stocks,
Brian Fling, Molly Holzschlag, Rob Godlatte,
Daniel Burka + many more

Day 1: September 1


Aral Balkan:

The Art of Emotional Design: A story of pleasure, joy, and delight.

Have you ever had a bad user experience? Did it make you feel angry? Frustrated? Absolutely livid? Good. Understanding that the experiences we create can have a negative emotional impact on people's lives is a very important prerequisite to creating positive emotional experiences that engage with users to add delight and pleasure to their lives.

In this inspirational session, Aral will offer you an impassioned glimpse into his approach of authoring apps that go beyond usable. Apps that people find joyful and fun. Apps that people fall in love with.

Empathy, character, voice, beauty, and play are just some of the topics that will be covered and illustrated with examples from Aral’s decade-long experience in authoring web, Flash, desktop, and mobile apps, including his latest top-selling iPhone app, Feathers.


Paul Boag:

Your design sucks! (How to manage the sign off process)

  • How to avoid endless tweaks and changes on design
  • How to develop and present design concepts
  • Coping with common complaints

Few things cost more frustrations and hours than disagreements on design concepts and details between web designers and clients. In this presentation Paul Boag shows how to make the sign off go smoother and with happier faces on both sides of the table.



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Elliot Jay Stocks

Stop Worrying & Get On With It: Tips and Tricks for designing for the Modern Web

  • Why it's OK for sites to not look the same in every browser
  • How to "progressively enhance" your web sites with CSS3
  • How on occasions pragmatic web design solutions should win out

Why be bothered by browser capability limitations? "Forward thinking code means future-proof website!" Elliot Jay Stocks will inspire you to push the internet on by showing you new techniques and how to use them!

Jonas Follesø

Building .NET powered RIAs using Silverlight

  • Overview of the Silverlight platform and its capabilities
  • When is Silverlight the right platform for your application
  • Design patterns that enable designer-developer collaboration, and at the same time makes your code more maintainable
  • Accessing web services from Silverlight
  • Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7

In this demo heavy session Jonas Follesø demonstrates how designers and developers can collaborate on the Silverlight platform to build great Rich Internet Applications for the web, desktop and devices. This session will give you an overview of the Silverlight platform, while at the same time digging deeper into design patterns that optimize the designer-developer collaboration.

Alexander Arnesen

Pushing an e-commerce strategy in a retail startup – without going broke!

  • What the strategists will never tell you..
  • About running a successful e-commerce site while struggling with limited recourses
  • ...and building a brand on the way

Alexander jumped from big business IT strategy decisions to the controlled mayhem of getting his wife's startup online. His journey will teach us a lot about both worlds and how we can adapt strategic thinking to the small business reality while reaching for increasingly better user experiences.



Very short break to change track


Brian Fling

Designing Mobile Experiences

  • Understanding the mobile context and how to design for it
  • Creating a device plan and a mobile design strategy around it
  • How to design and create progressive mobile experiences
  • How to choose the right mobile platform and application context
  • How to get the right designs on the right devices
  • How to design and build something insanely great

Good design doesn't start in Photoshop, it starts by understanding users, business objectives and a host of other variables. In this workshop Brian Fling will deconstruct sucsessful mobile solutions and show you what works and why. You will learn what it takes to design exceptional mobile user experiences!

Molly Holzschlag

Demystifying HTML5 - Take your markup to the next level

  • Understand the entirety of HTML5
  • HTML5 and the application based web
  • Real-world insight into how to begin using aspects of the language today
  • Design principals, rationale, syntax, semantics, web forms 2.0, APIs, related tech and browser issues.

The legendary enthustiastic Molly Holzschlag will give you a deep understanding of HTML5, kill some myths and explain how we as front end developers and designers now need to be working differently!

Tove Blomgren, Lisa Lindström

"I want to do winternet!' - co-creating with kids

  • How to be a better design thinker by co-creating with kids
  • What kids will teach you about sticking to core business goals
  • Usability vs User Experience
  • Service Design and Innovation

Through cases and ideas Tove Blomgren will share what she and Doberman has learned desinging for - and with - children.. She will also give an exclusive insight in how Doberman are spearheading innovation and service design.



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Rob Goodlatte, Daniel Burka:

The first 15 minutes - Designing for new-user experiences

  • How to get newcomers invested in your product/service right away
  • Discover your 'aha moment' and get to it quickly
  • The importance of setting small goals that expand into larger ones
  • Understand how the feedback-cycle drives loyalty

Rob from Facebook and Daniel with his history from Digg know a thing or two about getting people hooked on a website! Look forward to enjoy a lot of aha! moments as Rob And Daniel explain how to turn new visitors into loyal users.


Nils Petter Nordskar:

Time to wrap up day 1

Day 2: September 2


Dan Rubin:

Blending Usability Testing with Interface Design, Prototyping and Rapid Iteration

  • Understand the main problem with usability testing
  • How achieve better performing web design by testing during producton
  • Creating high-fidelity prototypes that you can easily update during test sessions

Dan Rubin, Jared Spool and David &Hagan Rivers (= 80 years of web design and usability badassesness) ran a project where the goal was to "improve the e-commerce flow". In this segment Dan Rubin will share what they learned doing rapid interation for this project and give some advice on how you can go about doing this on your own projects.


Kwame Nyanning:

Heat - The caper movie archetype and its relationship to the design process

A project framework based on the caper movie archetype emerges out of looking at the designer as an anti-hero within the context of the current creative services status quo. Large, complex, multi-dimensional projects require a different attitude and approach to design in order to execute at at level which results in quality and a lasting client relationship. We can learn much by noting the way movie con men and thieves plan and execute their heists and how designers should become a bit more ruthless in their pursuit of good design.



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Meagan Fisher

How to take your designs from wireframe to a beautiful finished product

Meagan will recommend tools and methods you can rely on to push your design over the edge, and give it that detailed, expert look.

Designers are like sculptors, we take a raw pile of clay (the wireframe) and slowly mold it into a work of art. Just like sculptors we have tools we can use (lighting effects, texture, grids, patterns, typography). What should every designer have in their toolbox?

Paul Irish

Progressive enhancement with HTML5 and CSS3

  • Creating fresh, up to date user experiences without leaving anyone behind
  • How to use enhancement effectively and handle older browsers
  • Feature Detection - Detecting HTML5 and CSS3 support
  • Explaining progressive enhancement to browser equality diehards

Paul Irish demonstrates how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to create better user experiences - AND AT THE SAME TIME provide excellent websites for the poor bastards stuck on old browsers. He will also provide ammunition to use on those fanatical about design looking the same in every browser.

Per Martinsen AKA Tied Revolverman

Transmedia art and non-linear storytelling



Very short break to change track


Matthew Smith

Designing the Business Experience

Are their days when you think freelancing might kill you? There is freedom from that stress as you run a business that doesn't run you.
Pattern Tap creator Matthew Smith walks us through the story of a freelance career launched into a full scale web business including failures, pitfalls, humor, and a semi-regular tryst with fine ales. If you feel like freelancing has become an alternative to water-boarding, then dip into this talk and start focusing your mind on designing a business.

Anders Norås

Markup Haiku, Sassy Styles and Damn Good Coffee

Has this ever happened to you? You're web page is a markup mess, you're CSS is intricate that you don't dare touch the selector and you JavaScript goes bump in the night? Let Anders Norås lead you into a better world where markup is beautiful, css has gotten its fun back and great JavaScript is a breeze to write.

In this talk Anders Norås introduces you to:

  • HAML, a clean and compact HTML templating replacement which lets you write expressive markup that is easy on you're wrists.
  • SASS, an extension of CSS3 letting you use nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance and functions to bring style to your stylesheets.
  • CoffeeScript, a high level language built on top of JavaScript which lets you focus on what your code should do, rather than how it should be written.

Anders will show you how easy it is to use these wonderful tools with Ruby on Rails 3, but no worries if that's not your weapon of choice. He'll also show you how these tools can be used regardless of what your web platform is.

Let's bring the markup back and party like its 1995!

Jina Bolton

CSS Workflow

Mastering CSS is more than just memorizing selectors — it's also having a solid workflow so you can be efficient and productive at what you do. Whether you're a freelancer working alone or on an enormous in-house team, having a good workflow is incredibly rewarding and beneficial for good design, development, and business. It can also help you spend more time being creative and doing the work you enjoy. Learn some tips for smart, forward-thinking front end web development.



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Nick La:

Beautiful Design is All About The Details

A beautiful design is all about putting the fine tuned pixels and great user experience together.
Nick is going to show you how one pixel and 5% opacity difference can make an impact in your design



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Christian Heilmann:

Enjoying the full stack

We live in exciting times as web developers. With our technologies maturing and open source ideas instead of committees defining the bleeding edge we move from hoping to build stable solutions to creating them. The danger is to repeat mistakes from the past int he process. Building great solutions means being flexible and using the right tool for the job. In this talk Chris Heilmann will talk about using all technologies at our disposal to build for the future and to convince those who live in the past to join us.